Well, worried

ImageYesterday I went to the doctor. Its the first time for many years. Some persistent minor ailment, increasingly frequent recurrence of a swollen ankle joint, gout. I’d been advised that I have circulation problems so went to a cardiologist. She said I needed to see a rhumatologist but justified her time by diagnosing deep seated varacose veins. No more hot baths, wear elastic tights on airplanes and for long car journeys, don’t sit or stand for long periods. I score four on a severity scale of one to ten and no, it won’t get any better. If you ignore the advice thrombosis waits like a suicide belt strapped inside your legs. Suddenly I didn’t feel well or young or fit anymore. The rhumatologist joined the party, ordered a slew of tests and pronounced a death sentence on red meat and wine, beer, pork and fun (I made that last bit up). I might as well move to the West Coast of America and drink deionised water with my skinless chicken and boiled fish.

My point is that if you feel well keep away from those whose job it is to keep you well but make you feel miserable. A study of health checks draws a similar conclusion http://www.bbc.com/news/health-19964600 . The worried well go to the doctor and have their fears confirmed, you are fine but maybe enjoying life a bit too much for your own good. The seriously sick avoid the doctor, the bad news and the chance of treatment and a cure. As the saying goes ‘do you want life in your years or years in your life?’. I believe that if you pursue life with energy and a positive spirit you will add to whatever years you have been given in both ways.


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